Monday, February 1, 2010


Here's another one of our past filmmaking endeavors, this one a 'message movie'--basically a way for the writer in me to take a swipe at The Bush Administration at the time.

We had a boom mic malfunction on this one day shoot (it wasn't turned on!) so we had to cut way more than I'd have liked out of this piece.

The kids were all students at Ferris State University, and the best bunch of folks I could ask for to work with.

They've all moved on and are doing lots exciting things; one became a teacher, and another just recently got accepted into the acting program at Columbia. (the guy with me in the picture below, in fact--Keith 'Keebler' Horvath--we're discussing a scene)

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Actor Jerry Morse with his GUNSHOT wound:

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I compressed the HD footage and here's the final result. Not as clear as the original movie, but it was too many gigs to upload the whole thing in a less-compressed file.

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