Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rick Perry is the Devil

For those who are happy to espouse the blatantly untrue rhetoric that Rick Perry is “The Job-Creation Miracle Worker” perhaps they should dig a little deeper into what kind of supposed “jobs” he’s creating.

Texas leads the nation in minimum wage workers. Thirty-seven percent of the 211,000 jobs Texas added (by Perry) in 2010 were minimum wage or BELOW.

Couple that with the fact that the Texas unemployment rate has steadily increased (from 7.7 to 8.2 percent) during this supposed job creation time, and what you have are lots of jobs for undocumented workers. Approximately 550,000 workers made $7.25 an hour or lower—and that’s more than double the number of Texans making those wages in 2008.

But the bitter irony is that with 100,000 jobs due to be slashed because of his mismanagement of the state budget, we’re now witnessing a candidate whose entire Presidential Premise is false.

Boy howdy, them Texans are enjoying some serious f*cking prosperity, aren’t they?

Yes, Mr. Perry. You’ve shown sublime perspicacity in fucking your state over. At best, you’re disingenuous; at worst—chock full of self-serving malevolence. You may be the king of the Lone Star State, but the majority of your subjects are barely surviving your tenure.

If this Texan takes the White House, Americans should promptly assume the position; bend over your kitchen tables, let the back-door pillaging commence—President Perry (shudder) would happily deliver Americans a collective fisting.

“The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince the world he didn't exist.” ~ The Usual Suspects


  1. That's good info to know. Have the Dem's been making this known to refute him? They should. Jeni for President!

  2. Jen's too smart to want to be President. I'm one of those Texans who can't comfortably sit down thanks to Perry and his kind. I say we vote Zombie Ann Richards for President. Ann, I miss the hell out of you.

  3. Well if useful person ran for President, someone would start a debate about the validity of their fourth grade report card or the discrimination implied by her orange socks...and it'd be over.

    I think I'm cynical.



  4. Perry is worse than Bush. Maybe he's right. I'm starting to question evolution. Devolution is more like it.