Sunday, March 25, 2012

Vegas Truth or Dare Challenge

Kat Nove & Jeni Decker will meet for the first time (in person) in Las Vegas on April 1st. (The day of fools, how appropriate!)

To celebrate us taking Sin City by tit-storm, we’re announcing the “Vegas Truth or Dare Challenge.” Your job, should you choose to accept it: send us your questions and/or dares. We will live tweet the answers from Vegas, as well as proof of each accomplished dare, in the form of pictures and video.

What would you like to see us doing in Vegas?

Here are the rules:

1. No nudity. (Nobody needs to see that.)

2. Nothing illegal. (Actually, we’re willing to work with you on this one. Misdemeanors will be considered, felonies will not.)

3. Jeni will not eat any form of bug. (Kat can be talked into eating anything - but it’ll cost you.)

4. Nothing that requires Jeni to run. Jeni does not run.

5. Nothing that includes feces or any type of bodily fluid. (What, are you an idiot?)

When we return (hopefully with all of our teeth and no tattoos) we’ll be doing a book giveaway. Two lucky winners will each receive a copy of Waiting for Karl Rove, which will most certainly become COLLECTOR’S ITEMS.

Why, you ask?

Because the books will fly with us to Vegas, and when the winners receive them, will have the actual signatures of some of the characters from the book - including but not limited to:

Black Elvis
Two old ladies playing slot machines
A happy couple getting hitched at The Little White Chapel
… and any celebrities and/or politicians we run into (accost) while there.

So, let ‘er rip - and be creative, for Jehovah’s sake. Submit your questions and/or dares as comments below, or to us on Twitter: @Jeni_Decker @katnove @WaitingforKRove . Don’t forget to leave us your Twitter handle or some means of contact should you be the winner!

NOTE: We will also be taking video comprised of scenes from Waiting for Karl Rove as well as our upcoming sequel, Waiting for a Plot: or What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas, Especially If Someone Slips You Some Roofies. So stay tuned for updates because we’ve already arranged for the use of a dead body for Karl Rove’s room!


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  2. Go to the Liberace Museum, and ask the blue haired docents "So, what's the big deal about Liberace? He's no Elvis." Jeni, you don't have to run, but you can drive the getaway car. These ladies are very defensive and can get aggressive when challenged. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT question them about why Liberace never married. It could be life-threatening. Or, they may make you eat a bug.

  3. You want us to get beat up, don't you? LOL

  4. I'm going to need one/both of you to ride someone's pet. Bonus points awarded for service animals.

    If you are unable to do that, I'm going to need you to ride someone's (mobility assistance) ride. With or without the owner also using the device.

  5. Ooh, that last bit is sort of like a senior citizen lap dance! Nice, Kay! Kat'll look really funny doing that and it'll be good practice for when she needs her own Hoverround!

  6. Hey, it IS Vegas... And with Betty White's new show coming out, I feel more people should be messing with the elderly. Just to make sure they don't get too cocky.

  7. I'm sure we can find a nice old man who wants to give Kat a ride on his scooter. Or I'll jump on the back of the first animal I see and hope PETA isn't around.

  8. Does Mike Tyson still have that tiger? I'll ride that tiger. Why do I have the be the one to share a ride with a geezer? What if he's taken his Viagra? Leave it to me to go to Vegas and only get a geezer boner as a reward.

  9. Um, a geezer boner and a picture to frame and keep next to your bed so you never forget!

    So the rules above do state you'll eat pretty much anything: Might there be any interest in eating something found in a food truck/cart's trash bin? Or something left on a discarded table in a restaurant?

    1. Jeni is such a bitch. I have acid reflux and will only eat anything if $50,000 is deposited in my checking account BEFORE I eat it. To all you challengers out there, think of as Fear Factor with a twist. No human flesh please.

    2. Awe, what love! So do you have suggestions of dare topics that would be particularly unpleasant for her? Since she does seem to be calling all of these as yours?

    3. I don't know if you've read Waiting for Karl Rove, but Jeni seems to be very fond of pole dancing...

  10. Kat Nove, please don't forget who will have the camera and who isn't afraid to use it. You have to take a shower in Vegas at some point and I know how to pick a lock... MWAHAHAHAHAHA

    1. I know how to steal a who frowns upon lock-pickers.

  11. Great. We just got this dare on another site:

    Okay ladies (sic) I double dog dare you to Put a little RUDD in it at the Plaza at the Venetian; the lobby of the MGM AND the food court at Caesars!