Friday, January 11, 2013

Rigor Mortis - Chapter One AUDIO

Chapter One of Rigor Mortis - narrated by the inimitable Greg Crites.
(WARNING: Explicit language)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 Road to Not-So-Wellville... burp... (WITH VIDEO: possibly nipples and porn)


As we all know, one of the most entertaining aspects of 2012 was the lineup of Right-Wing wackadoos on the fringes of this years’ Presidential election. I’m not talking about the handful of well-meaning conservatives – I’m talking about the Herman Cains, Rick Perrys and Michelle Bachmanns… you know, the ones that belonged in an SNL skit. 

This year, for shits and giggles, my sister and I filmed some fun parody campaign spots, under the premise that Kat Nove and I would be running as a write-in candidate. As a gift to you, should you need something to chuckle at after the absurdity of the “fiscal cliff” debacle – enjoy a few minutes, if you wish. I think there’s a spot in there rehashing my porn-making fiasco with mom, as well as a nip shot, if you look close enough… (not my nips, nobody wants to see that.)

Happy New Year, folks.

We even did some parody attack ads. Here’s one. If you want to see the others, you’ll have to search around Youtube under agorophobejeni. 

I’ve got to go walk on my treadmill… damn those New Year’s Resolutions.