Monday, August 17, 2009

The Article

In case you were interested in seeing the actual rant John C. Wright initially made before removing it, here it is:

Here are some of his ‘thoughts’ on homosexuality, in case you're too lazy to read the entire article, though I suggest you do so. If for nothing else, and you're a writer like myself, here's a fantastic character 'picture' of a homophobic religious nut who probably has a plethora of moral skeletons in his own closet we've yet to find out. They always do...

Wright on Homosexuals (who he refers to as 'homosex')

...they-contribute to the moral decay of the land…
…are a malfunction of love …
…they lack of self control in sexual matters…
Classy dude, huh? Maybe he’ll start a new movement and bring back public lynchings of African Americans.

If there’s a strange fruit here, it’s you Mr. Wright.

Let's not buy his books and reward his abhorrant behavior.

If anyone needs to be prayed for it's this man.

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