Saturday, August 15, 2009

John C. Wright--Response to a Hissy Fit

Earlier this week, an author named John C. Wright, a writer of sf/f novels, decided to use his livejournal blog account to supposedly 'discuss' his distaste for the SyFy channel's decision to make their programming a bit more 'gay friendly'. What he was actually doing was peddling his own brand of homophobia and gay bashing, so thinly disguised within another topic, the blogs have been positively exploding ever since.

(Feel free to check out his journal page. He's whining as we speak.)

He's since removed the article; as school yard bullies often do, they spout off at the mouth and eventually cave when it becomes apparent their words or fists aren't powerful enough to overcome the actual truth as opposed to the truth as they see it.

First, let's take a look at this fellow, so that in the interest of keeping our friends close and enemies closer, we'll be able to recognise him, should he cut us off in traffic or pass us on the street. (I think it goes without saying that a boycott of his material is the way to go--but I can't boycott what I don't read, so...)

Feel free to memorize his list of titles and promptly remove them from your reading list. And if ever a book burning was called for... (Don't burn books for content--burn books when you disagree with the platform the author uses to spew bilious hatred. )

...and it just so happens I just yesterday completed a chapter in my new novel that comes close to what I'd actually say to Mr. Wright, were I to encounter him. I've inserted his name in place of the character name, under the assumption that if I don't, and should John C. Wright pass through here, he might not get the subtle implications without being SPECIFICALLY spoken to by name. (all other content is exactly at it now appears in the chapter)



“When are you planning on giving it a rest, Bert?” The venom in his voice was slightly tempered by his low volume and plastered on smile, though the spittle that landed on Dr. Diesel’s nose told him his step-bro was internally seething.

“Are you familiar with the term squicked, JOHN?” From behind him, two leather-clad woman smiled, giving away their own proclivity for a bit of S & M action.

“God could forgive you, Bert. It would take some work but--” JOHN was speaking loudly now, in an effort to proselytize from behind his invisible pulpit.

“--as a noun it is defined as a physical sense of repulsion when faced with a concept or situation one might find disgusting.”

“Then I guess you’re squicked.” JOHN snickered as a smattering of religious fanatics slowly moved over from in front of his booth to join in the public moral lynching.

“Well, firstly, you’ve used it inappropriately in a sentence, but what you aren’t aware of is that the concept of squick differs from disgust because it refers solely to a sense of repulsion without a moral component. Are you getting this, JOHN? See disgust implies some sort of judgment. A right or wrong scenario. If you say I squick you-and notice I used the word appropriately there-but if I squick you, that simply means you are reacting to something about me, but not applying any sort of universal moral conclusion on myself or any activity I may be taking part in.”

A collective cheer emanated from the full blown maelstrom behind the two men, clearly leaning toward the side of Dr. Diesel and away from the moral minority standing in front of him.

“The distinction, JOHN is quite important to living in a society that is tolerant of that which is unthinkable or repugnant to ourselves. Your religion squicks me, JOHN. But that assertion levels no moral judgment. Just as I assume gay sex squicks you, although I’m guessing it also disgusts you, something that for the record, really isn’t your concern unless you’re the one getting fucked.”Dr. Bertrand Diesel sat back on a sigh and reveled in the cheering crowd.


John C. Wright: I am squicked AND repulsed by you.

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