Friday, August 21, 2009

Baptist Pastor Says Tornado is Divine Intervention

Some people literally live in a world of fantasy made up entirely of what they presume to be morally accurate. Unfortunately for them morality is defined differently by everyone.

A Baptist pastor in Minneapolis said a tornado that damaged a Lutheran church was a sign from God regarding opposition to the proposal to lift restrictions on gay and lesbian clergy in the Evangelical Lutheran Church.

He qualified the tornado as a ‘gentle but firm warning’.

I find it sublimely entertaining when people who are supposedly ‘men of god’ interpret vague prophecies in the form of natural disasters, for those of us who are apparently less ‘in the know’.
If nothing else, it provides fantastic fodder for us writers when looking for ironic, homophobic or just plain stupid characters.

Here’s a ‘gentle but firm warning’ for you Pastor John Piper:

God doesn’t actually like people who rape and pillage his word.

Why not let the big guy speak for himself? I'm certain he doesn't need to level a tornado at a church to get his point across, but if you think that's how he rolls, you'd better be careful.

The next unnatural disaster might be coming your way.

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