Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What’s a Girl to Do?

…while awaiting query responses ?

I could write a poem:


a stir
a flurry
a cascade of echoes

all prologue to the epilogue
frenzied fingers en route to denouement
beat a stiff meringue of phrases and voice

words like ripe plums
drop to the ground beneath the tree
waiting to be harvested

adjectives, like Lawrence’s lover with a pilgrim’s soul
meander among verbs and prepositions
yearn to nail down a simple truth, an alluring oeuvre

present perfect tense delights in its slow, sultry dance
so sit with me in my fin de siècle
and, breathless, I will share my story…



  1. Uh...thanks?

    Couldn't Jon Stewart's hand be groping my boob? I'm beyond grossed out by Karl Rove's sausage fingers.

  2. What a funny and yet morbidly disturbing photo.