Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Outside Your Lines

Outside Your Lines

I am the sponge;
to absorb the frustration
imposing fists
needing, wanting, pleading
anguished cries
panic, misdirection

You, lost in plain sight
uncertainty becomes rage
verbal assault is child’s play
dodge ball of the tongue.

I am the switch;
a human redirection
a flick, a reminder
to turn on the light
and turn off the sound
change the channel

You, drowning in white noise
disorder hollows,
muddled gray matter
disintegrates the soul

I offer sinew;
marrow, and bone
unyielding essence
sense memory
when synapses misfire
ricochet past their target

You blame me
then change your mind
confusion, a dirty trickster
guilt, an invisible friend

I am the map;
to read between your lines
navigate fear, forgive trespasses
shimmy into your crevices
plant a seed of hope
expect a return on my investment

Precious tomorrows,
tomorrows, and tomorrows
an ache
a prayer
a whispered promise

one day.

(for my boys)


  1. What a lovely poem for your sons. HOw are they doing. I miss reading stories about them.


  2. Jake's doing good. Jax is having trouble still with his agression at school. Makes me sad because I hate to think of him later in life in some group home because he can't function in society. I'm going to take him to a behavioral specialist soon and have him evaluated. Something's going on there with him and I can't for the life of me get into his brain and find the cause. Makes me so sad...