Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Bait Pile

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The Bait Pile was an official selection of The Chashama Film Festival, 2008. I play an agorophobic woman living with her mother and luring YouTuber’s to my house, killing them.

I eventually suffocate my mother in a bowl of green Jell-O. I’m not sure what Bill Cosby would have to say about that but it was certainly disconcerting to 8 year old autistic Jaxson--my little guy. As I edited the Jell-O scene, Jaxson sat behind me, watching. At one point, he came around to look at me, took my face in both hands and said, “Thas’ not nice.”

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We promoted The Bait Pile on YouTube and had a few people thinking I was actually a psychopath. I had been managing about 6 or 7 different fake YouTube accounts for months prior to actually beginning my killing spree and then ‘tubers began dropping like flies.

Victim #1

Victim #2

Victim #3

Victim # 4


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