Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Chick on Vibrators

This is my Nanna. She's 84 now and pretty much says anything she wants to. She's completely lost that edit function that keeps one from, let's say, announcing to the entire matinee crowd at the local moviehouse that she, "Never did like the sex, and then you had to douche...too messy. No thanks."

There's a link to her YouTube account.



  1. All I can gasp out is another Oh my goodness! Nana is too much.

  2. Har! Now that's funny!

    (I think your blogroll for my is a bit behind? You've got my wordpress account in your blogroll. I deleted that account a couple months ago.

    I'm at blogspot now:

    (from the desk of a writer)

    Just so you know!! :)


    from the desk of a writer